Who are the killer whales?Many epithets don’t reward these amazing marine animals (Anas falcata Georgi).
Who is it? This is absolutely not a whale, as some mistakenly believe. Killer whales are the largest toothed dolphins.

It is known that killer whales are divided into 3 groups:
Big whale – the largest of the males reach 9.5 meters length. Animals have a spectacular appearance – black body with a white belly and a spot at the base of the dorsal fin.

The black whale is like a big whale, only without any white spots. Reaches up to 6 m in length and up to 1.5 tons of weight. Inhabits the temperate oceanic waters.

Dwarf dark gray whale, its length about two meters. Is quite rare.

The greatest fame and popularity got a big whale, nicknamed storm seas. Often they are awarded and such epithets as “killer whale – a giant dog, the likes of which the world had not known since the days of Tyrannosaurus Rex” Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? But this is only a marine animal. And they eat mostly large fish. Of course, if the case, is not averse to swallow and warm-blooded animals (seals, sea lions, fur seals). Legends about the attack of the pack of killer whales whales, well documented, and there is no reason to doubt it. You should only remember that such hunting is rare and only when whales are wounded, exhausted and close to natural death. It is commonly believed that killer whales and other toothed whales – dolphins endowed with a natural intellectual abilities. Observations in aquariums where contain these animals, only to confirm this fact. Like the fact that killer whales communicate perfectly in the water, using their echolocation abilities. The sounds produced by them is of high frequency pulses, with varying tones perceived by our ear as a sharp individual clicks. So killer whales rely more on echolocation than on vision and olfaction.

Using the principles of high-frequency echolocation, killer whales are well oriented and communicate with each other, easily find necessary food for them. However, the underwater world of the ocean is constantly filled with all sorts of sounds and signals issued by their inhabitants. And using special equipment they are quite easy to listen to, and record.

One of the scientific expeditions occurred curious case. The scientific work was conducted in the tropical part of the Atlantic ocean. One of the objectives was to study the nature of sound signals produced by the tuna. Note that tuna is a large predatory marine fish. In the study area was inhabited mainly yellowfin and bigeye tuna, reaching a weight of 50-150 kg.

In the area fishing for Tunas were two tiers of the tuna base type “Bright beam”. The tuna fishing was conducted bots based on the basis of the tuna. And the base was in the delivery bots in the fishing area, their service, the processing of catches and production of their canned tuna. The work of the tuna bots started late in the evening, departing from the base of the tuna, so early in the morning to put the tuna longline. After 3-5 hours produced the selection.

Catches a bot for raising tier was typically 10-30 instances of large tuna. Often in the area of work of the tuna base accumulated sharks. There are cases and approach swarms of killer whales. In this case, they were visually examined about 5-7 individuals. Listening to them underwater sound activity, which we easily fixed, testified that their order of magnitude. Attracted them to the area of accumulation of tuna.

When the tuna longline fishery, the approach of killer whales meant, as a rule, the loss of part of the catch. Tuna caught on the hook of the tuna longline, was desirable and safe production. Along the tier, killer whales methodically chews caught tuna. However, the tuna head that hung on the hook, they left the mariners.

Unusual in such a story there is nothing. Amusing was only then that the marauding killer whales were more exposed to the tuna boat number 6. Killer whales regularly and methodically chews tuna, caught on their tier. And with each passing day, the quantity eaten tuna increased, approaching 100%. Losses on other tuna-fishing boats were far less.

In the evening at the base of the tuna within sight of a flock of killer whales defiantly walked. But as soon as the unfortunate tuna-fishing bot number 6 to move away from the base of the tuna, “these evil guys” disappeared from the horizon. Well, the next day for sixth bot all repeated – base unloaded only eaten tuna head. Sharks, killer whales, though we did not complain.

Suggested that killer whales remember the number painted on the wheelhouse of the boat. Shut the panel. Not helped…. And you need to notice that the crew of this bot was very experienced, so catches were, if not a record, it is always high. Pulling back from the base of the tuna in the afternoon, changed course before you go out to an area staging tier. The result remained unchanged. And only the transition of the tuna database to another fishing location, corrected the situation.

Need to put that killer whales were well defined number of tuna-fishing bot for unique noise produced by the engine of this bot. And since, tuna tier at this crew caught more than others, and it served as the main bait for whales.
That has to reflect, and do killer whale intelligence?


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