The interweaving of whales and dolphinsI talk a little about the interweaving, which in many ways is superior to your modern living standards, is about the intertwining of whales and dolphins. I think many will see in the discussion of weaving a reason to relate this work to the category of strange phenomena, but, of course, I have my reasons.

The world of whales and dolphins often played a huge role in the evolutionary species of humanoid entities, but in most cases do not let your unfolding journey. Causes are very different. One of the reasons is that they boldly declared to the forces of light that will allow you to fully grasp every experience and will not act as your perfume mentors, as it was in the world of Lemuria.

Whales, also known as keepers Chronicles, saw many species of creatures using this planet. To this day they keep the history of the development of this part of your journey.

Dolphins, on the other hand, known as messengers, and in the times of your return to the Lemurian way of life they will again be here, at your disposal. They will come to you on the coast and will help all we can. Their communication skills are much more powerful than you think. Just be patient and they will come.

Someone may wonder why they want to help the human world after this treatment. I can only remind you that they consist of a fully enlightened particles, resonating only with love. Imagine, after this treatment, their only concern about the human world is service to him. Dolphins, like in Lemuria, will remind you of the seemingly forgotten abilities. Their purpose will be to help us bring back those special qualities, that is all the rest of interwoven to contribute to your new life. They just love.


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