Whales that came ashoreThere is a certain amount of energy whales, which use the love of the Creator was asked to renounce the freedom of the oceans, to come to the Earth plane and be here with Us, the People, and which was represented in those days the Power of the Creator envisage and angelic worlds and now live in the spirit of humanity. These whales were asked to come to the Earth plane to become teachers and just to share the love, because, you see, love is all that whales really know. Did you know that if you take a large whale of medium size and penetrate into his heart, you will not even be able to touch your head to the apex of the heart? That’s what great heart.

In this journey the Creator allowed a certain number of whales literally change your physical appearance and reside on the Earth plane. They struggled, but here they are all too limited. They tried to share knowledge, but they were considered too frivolous and playful. They were treated as if they did not conform to the society that created the Creator. We, the People of that time do not cause them any harm, believe me. People would do anything to love those whales, but they could not make them happy in this earthly part of the journey. In the end, the great whales, was permitted to return to its original form and again sent them to the oceans. At the moment we are mainly interested in whales, which are marine animals.

They say that some of the brethren whales moved on the Earth plane, where re-evaluate how he worked and how they lived. When a small group of whale population began to interact with the inhabitants of the land, the ancient inhabitants of the Lemurian world was presented with a baby.

Having accumulated large amounts of information about past societies on this planet, omniscient power — whale — has decided to abandon its smooth oceanic body and take the external appearance of a man. First outbreak of some kind of disaster, because a reduction of conscious body to the physical form of man was done by trial and error. The final version of their physical form still looked pretty weird. Their heads were too big compared to the body, and they, apparently, did not fit into society. Whales-the Lemurians were childlike and so full of love that most considered them kind of people with physical disabilities. Today they are called people with down syndrome.

However, soon the Lemurians have realized the power of these sensitive creatures and began to listen to their stories of learning. Always ready to give “Earth bound” Keith shared information collected for the Millennium. Thus, perhaps, the next time you will see creature on earth, leading’t, you’d probably think that it’s just hard to vibrate in this field of magnetic energy and that, in the end, it is not so defective.

There was a Great kit that replaced the previous whales. He shared with Lemuria wisdom of healing, and this beautiful energy structure lives in the present. You say, “wait, wait, Wait, it was fifty thousand years ago.” Yes, but today he lives in the body of another whale. He’s still alive.

Great kit, this beautiful energy of which I speak, came only due to the fact that We, the People of Lemuria, with lots of love treated in former times by his clan when they were in the Lemurian light. The whales turned out so well, loved so much that the Great Keith said, “Now it’s my turn to give you gifts to my family”. Keith told them that the Lemurian energy will be here for only a few thousand years, and then all the Lemurians will be sent home to recover and regulate their energies. After that, each of the Lemurian energy was aware of the fact that this whale knew about healing. Regardless of where or how the Lemurians traveled, whether in the light of a particle of the Creator God or the incarnate beings, studying the lessons of the Great whale always leaves them in your heart light healing.

Thus, if you have the energy of the angels, if you have the Lemurian energy, if you have Elvisa energy almost all, then you have what was left for you Keith. His secret is this: every opportunity at every level of conscious perception — whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual — can be healed by love. The heartbeat of the Mother Earth every day of your life sends you a message, if only you dare to take off their shoes and walk on it barefoot in love. If you walk in its woods and touch her trees that stretch down to her love, and then up, Father in Heaven, you feel this love. Keith taught the Lemurians that love is United strength. That day, when the great whale connecting your heart with the hearts of the Lemurians, he heard the sound of soft, forming a pattern of vibration that made the light go into the system “We the People”, knowing that love will give an answer to everyone. It was divided.


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