About whalesThe fact that whales are not fish, of course, known to every schoolboy. They breathe air. Female whales give birth under water to live young and feed them milk. They even have a little bit of hair. In short, Keith is a typical warm-blooded mammal. But, at the same time, this is the strangest of all mammals. 10th place: sperm Whales can dive to a depth of 1000 meters. The pressure at that depth is 100 times greater than the pressure on the surface.

9th place: When diving the pulse of the whale falls to ten beats per minute and blood ceases to flow into the vessels of the fins, skin, tail. It nourishes the brain and heart.

8th place: the sperm Whale also has the largest mammalian brain — to 8 kilograms. The brain of a blue whale, which is considerably larger than the sperm whale, weighs only 3 pounds.

7th place: Keith is the only one, besides man, is a mammal that sings…. The shortest “Aria” whale lasts six minutes, the longest is about half an hour. Initially believed that only males sing, but there is evidence that females sing songs to their babies. However, whales do not have vocal chords.

6th place: Also whales have no sense of smell and almost atrophied vision. All you need, whales reported sounds. Therefore, whales are constantly engaged in the analysis of underwater sounds.

5th place: whale-the whale is actually not a humpback. It owes its name to the habit before diving to set over the water most of the back.

4th place: whale Tails are as individual as fingerprints in humans. They legkorazlichimy cuts and furrows, scars from bites and spots of brown algae that create a unique pattern.

3rd place: a 20-metre fin whales are the only mammals on earth with asymmetrical coloration. The right side of the fin is white and the left is black.

2nd place: The longest migration do gray whales. Every fall they swim thousands of kilometres from their pastures in the Bering Strait and Chukchi sea to the quiet lagoons of the Baja California Peninsula, where they multiply. In February they embark on the return journey, and during this three-month journey, only occasionally stopping to sleep.

1st place: the killer Whale, which is often called the whale-killer, whose length is about 9 meters and a weight of 10 tons, actually a Dolphin.


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