Dolphin talkVery clearly visible in Dolphin speech, even to the casual observer, is characteristic of these animals whistles. All of these whistles, there are 32 species, b each represent a particular phrase. For example, the signal of pain or alarm, greeting and invocative cry, etc.

To date, scientists using a special method sippa, found about 180 communication signs in marine mammals. Researchers are working on their systematization, and even try to compile a dictionary of communication of dolphins. However, despite numerous studies, to fully decipher the language of dolphins so far and failed. But the communication between these intelligent animals are poorer from it is not.

While scientists continue to work. So, they found out that in the speech of dolphins there are at least six levels of organization: a sound, syllable, word, simple sentence, complex sentence, a paragraph. This structure is similar to the majority of human languages. But what is surprising and not at all like us, dolphins broadcasts and perceive speech pictures, characters. By the way, and they hear not with the ears, as we, and the antenna in the lower part of the jaw. Actually, the dolphins are at the top of the head is the most complex broadcast setting. And in it — not one, but four sound generator that can be switched on simultaneously. Where are they to us? With our primitive vocal cords…

Hearing, vision
Image Dolphin or letters, or words led to the discovery of the original CymaScope instrument, developed by the British engineer acousticom John Stuart Reid. With the help of a special membrane allows to view and transmit to the computer the allocation of frequencies to the smallest detail — in the sound beam, which emits a Dolphin. In the end, each “beep” appears in the form of an image — a kind of hieroglyph. Or “SIMILIA” (CymaGlyph), as they call this ring the sign of the scientists. It is clear that the hieroglyphs-simplify differ, as our words, written on paper. Perhaps the dolphins speak and hear pictures. If “write” sounds and “read” is written. Encrypt in picture and decode in concepts.

— I have long thought that the Dolphin brain is processing audio signals, similar to how the human brain video information, said project consultant Dr. Horace Dobbs, a therapist, a specialist in the treatment of dolphins. — Now we can assume that it’s proven. — We are not surprised that with the help of ultrasound device ultrasound can produce images of internal organs or of a fetus in the womb? “says Jack. — Normally, should apply to what do dolphins communication system can be based on visual images. And from this it their “looks” are more sophisticated. People meaning arises from the third level, that is, with words. And Dolphin, it seems that from the first, that is, with sound, says the scientist.

After all, every sound graphically sophisticated enough to carry information. Researchers using this method of learning the language of dolphins, believe that found a sort of key which may later be used to decipher the complex language of sea creatures, and even create a visible dictionary of the language of dolphins. And using it, to make the entire phrase, suitable for communication — broadcasting transformed into sounds pictures. This is all very inspiring Dolphin lovers around the world. Sad only one, sincere, direct conversation, as they say an eye for an eye, ” it’s not going away, for he will never get to clicking, Twitter and whistle for Dolphin. Even approximately. There are no related bodies. Therefore, it remains only to rely on the interpreter-mediator: translator-synthesizer and receiver — will PC.

A few facts about the hearing of dolphins:

We distinguish the sound changes in time, if they follow with a rate not higher than 50-70 per second. Dolphins are available in the tempo up to 2000 per second. Dolphins catch ten times wider range of sounds than humans.
The person perceives the oscillation frequency up to 15-20 thousand per second, Dolphin up to 150-200 thousand per second.
Dolphin can hear the sound ten times weaker than that available to the human ear.
The ability to analyze the sound, to separate different frequency from the other Dolphin is 4 times higher than in humans. All this provides the “brothers in mind” the sound palette, not comparable with what we have.
But-no, no Dolphin dictionary no one bothered to communicate with these amazing animals. For example like in this video. Moreover, and dolphins are always happy to contact with people. even in the wild.


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