The Dolphin therapy – a remedy for stressIt is proved that the ultrasound emitted by the dolphins in communication, stimulates the cerebral cortex and the internal organs, has a beneficial effect on the Central nervous system.

Also communication with dolphins stimulates metabolic, immune and other processes in the body, restores motor abilities. After the therapy improves blood circulation, and reduce pain.
Dolphin psychologists often recommend as a family therapist for a joint session with loved ones and family. They somehow magically build relationships between people, quarrels cease, teach tolerance.

Need to know what dolphins do not tolerate violence. So there is no need to examine his fins and jump on it to ride. Wait until he will swim up to you and will set the fin. Any special instructions for establishing emotional contact no, just swim, draw near to the Dolphin without the hassles, fear, and aggression.

Particularly susceptible to the Dolphin children. The main indications for the course of Dolphin therapy in children are:
cerebral palsy;
early infantile autism;
down’s syndrome and other genetic pathologies;
minimal brain dysfunction or attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity;
functional disorders of the Central nervous system;
mental retardation (except deep extent), disorders of speech and hearing;
sensorineural hearing loss;
neurosis, post-traumatic stress disorder;
depressive disorder non-endogenous nature;
memory disorders, learning disabilities.
The basis of the Dolphin therapy is child’s play and a Dolphin. The gameplay is sent specialists to the solution of the remedial work. Dolphins are very affectionate, sensitive and playful animals playing with children a lot and willingly. This is all the more important since it is the game is one of the main components of the mental development of the child.


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