Each Dolphin is a person!Australian biologists a few years ago was watching bottlenose dolphins living in shark Bay and revealed very ugly facts: it turns out that the males of these dolphins in groups of three, to make them handier to drive females for mating. This friendship can last for years

The dramatic events begin to develop when a dispute over a female face two such triples – then each group begins calling his comrades to his side. In disassembly are drawn dozens of animals, sometimes they have a brutal mass slaughter. Scientists have dubbed these bunch of animals “Dolphin mafia”.
But as it comes to females, bottlenose dolphins behave peacefully and even friendly.
When meeting with a strange group of bottlenose dolphins (bottlenose) first offer friendship: love together frolic, swim race, to communicate. They did not have disputes over territory, because in the ocean, in their view, plenty of space. (By the way this dolphins are fundamentally different from all mammals, from squirrels to monkeys). In short, would not have been friendlier and cuter creatures, if not for the passion of love. But not going to reproach ” the dolphins are not far away from the people.

Relations in Dolphin environment primitive as you can get. The researchers noticed that the animals take into account when communicating how they each behaved in the past, with whom communicated, which character was this communication: quarreled, broke up or became friends. In these respects, much like the plots of soap operas – it is the phrase scientists used as a term and called them a section in its report.

All dolphins have highly developed brain, they both have an amazing ability to communicate, ” says Professor of the Department of ichthyology, faculty of biology, MSU Lomonosov Alexander Kasumyan. In their speech there are 186 different sounds. They organize them the same way we humans: in syllables, words and phrases. These cetaceans there is even something of a culture: in different groups of dialects are distinguished, and individuals are brought up, learning from the skills and behaviors of a particular flock, and specific parents. Because of this, each member of the pack has pronounced individual behavioral differences. We can say that each Dolphin has a unique personality. They are even able to assign and recognize their names.


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