Dolphins love to imitateFrom the point of view of the trainers, imitation is a very useful quality of cetaceans. Because it significantly reduces the time of training dolphins. Furthermore, by imitating the stunts begin to perform even those animals that were not conducted special classes, just that they were near relatives, and observed their tricks.

So, in the Californian small aquarium whale learned the tricks just on the basis of the observation of his companions-the bottlenose has worked with coaches. In another case, Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are placed in one pool with tropical revolving prodelphinidin, adopting their manner of spin-axis during the high jump body into the air. Because the ranges of both species do not coincide, the animals can learn this technique in the wild. Such examples can be cited.

Reflex imitation of amazing by the fact that dolphins are not only easy to remember, but also repeat the actions of individuals belonging to a completely different view. So, in scientific materials devoted to the research of the behavior of the dolphins, describes the interesting case is when the female Dolphin, after some time spent in the Dolphinarium, became a repeat of the circus after his regular life: sea lions, killer whales, etc. While it did not teach such actions specifically. After the intelligent animal was released, she quickly learned to perform difficult tricks of all members of the pack.

Another case of such imitation is associated with two female dolphins that lived in the same pool with the sea lion. Over time, the dolphins began to copy his actions. They even managed to sleep in the same poses that the cat is considered a more convenient emulated his style of swimming, using its fins like flippers and trying to keep the tail still. These dolphins have learned even imitating the cat, RUB the belly, lying on his back on the surface of the pool. Of course, some need to repeat his actions of them.

Even more surprising is the desire of some dolphins to mimic people’s voices. So, about 20 years ago, the white Dolphin named NOC began to produce sounds similar to human speech. He spoke articulately, but it sounds reminiscent of the sound of voices at a party or indistinct sounds of conversation. They were so lifelike, diver passing by, and emerged from the pond, to see who tries to talk to him. Of course, the ability of dolphins to imitate human voices are not so developed, like parrots. But amazing in itself this possibility of sea creatures!

Marine biologist Sam Ridgeway said that the ability of the NOC showed up at once: “People have several times heard these strange “conversation”, until I realized that the sounds are emitted by a Dolphin. Actually, we found that only when the diver took them for the human voice, which gives him underwater… We hope that our observations will lead to further discoveries of opportunities to study marine mammals use voice.”

All these amazing abilities, combined developed reflex imitation or simulation of the behavior of dolphins suggests that their brain is a huge amount of information obtained in a variety of ways. But in addition to its passive collection and storage, dolphins and even skillfully use the new data. This suggests that dolphins, like humans, are inherent to the research approach to the world surrounding them. So, they are very well versed in the situations that arise in their lives.


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