Developed brain of dolphinsThe brain of a Dolphin is not only a lot of weight, but has a complex structure with a large number of convolutions of the cerebral cortex, the superior part of the brain responsible for complex mental functions. But the highly developed brain is a sign of high intelligence and highly organized, complex behavior. And the dolphins have confirmed this fact, because they are skillful hunters, caring parents, disciplined members of the pack, and if necessary – and competent leaders.

A test of your wits

Russia’s leading ethologists headed by L. Krushinsky for the study of the intelligence of dolphins conducted a clever experiment. The coach showed his companion the Dolphin his favorite toy is a big ball, and then hid it behind the screen. But when the curtain opened, the Dolphin has not seen the ball, and two objects of similar shape: three-dimensional box and a flat shield. Obviously, the ball disappeared in one of these subjects, not him as a Dolphin could see the shield and the box on all sides. To extract the ball, the Dolphin was enough to catch jaws loop attached to the box or the shield, the West, and the ball will fall into the water. And Dolphin for shrewdness in addition to their toys get another fish.

For people, this task is simple: if one object – three-dimensional box, and the other is a flat shield, the ball, of course, can only be inside the box. We can easily operate with concepts of plane and volume. Can a Dolphin to make such conclusions? It turned out that may. Dolphins first seen, as they hide the ball, just steadily pulled his bulk out of the box and has never made any attempts to look for the ball inside flat of the shield. This experiment clearly showed that the Dolphin has the rudiments of rational activity, which until recently was considered the exclusive privilege of man.

Another striking example of the manifestation of the intelligence of dolphins can be considered the behavior of dolphins Kelly living in the Institute of marine mammal research in Mississippi. She was rewarded with fish for catch debris from the pool. Each caught the subject was assessed with one fish. To get more, Kelly tore the garbage into pieces, and handed them one by one. She once caught a Seagull, and received a lot of fish. Then she began to use the fish received for garbage collection to lure the gulls in their jaws. She also taught that the actions of their offspring, that conveyed the experience of other teenagers in the group. So the dolphins have not only high intelligence, but the ability to transfer this knowledge to other members of their own species.


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