Why are sharks afraid of dolphins?Shark is one of the world’s oldest inhabitant of the seas and almost a perfect weapon for killing. Its anatomical features like created to hunt and destroy their prey. That only is ominous and awesome at the same time the device jaws of a white shark.

The size of the teeth of this predator reaches 5 or more inches diagonally, and the number reaches three hundred. And there are teeth in the jaws of a white shark in several rows: the front are working, and the rest of the backup, so to speak as a reserve!

But this is not important. The most surprising thing is how the senses of a shark. Some species of sharks with 13 systems of perception of the world (for comparison, a human has only 5). You could even say that one of the groups feeling the sharks are akin to psychic abilities of the person. We are talking about electroreceptive – ability to catch barely perceptible electric field fluctuations. Scientists have found these abilities and other marine life, as well as in vertebrates, amphibians and even some mammals.

But with all these seemingly undeniable advantages, sharks prefer to avoid the company of dolphins. Yes and it is impossible to deny the fact that dolphins have saved caught in the open sea of people from shark attacks.
Indeed, the sharks swim away, barely seeing a flock of bottlenose dolphins and Beloreck, and try not to collide with whales. What is the secret of such a successful confrontation of some marine predators over others?

Sharks are very careful and cautious. But for the most part they are like Rudyard Kipling’s cat who “walks by itself”. In flocks sharks are going extremely rare, except in the period of mating, after which they try to burn. In the love of solitude, according to the researchers, lies the main reason for the frequent losses of sharks in battles with the dolphins.

Dolphins, as you know, collective beings. They don’t just gather in flocks, but have a highly organized and tightly knit teams. And where there is good organized and pre-planned activity groups, loner doomed to failure.

akuly-i-delfiny.jpgПри this dolphins having such a significant advantage against the sharks, are not the initiators of the attacks on them. On the contrary, often the toothy predator attacked first. And she is very happy to eat meat collective mammal that has strayed from its flock, for various reasons. But if the dolphins noticed aggressive action on the part of a bloodthirsty predator, she is already in trouble. Dolphin group immediately surrounds the offender and begins to push and beat her with their powerful beaks. While dolphins are highly evolved beings and intelligent, always aim at the most vulnerable place shark Gill slits. The whole flock of dolphins easily kill the shark. They are much more powerful than her and maneuverable.
By the same principle dolphins “deal” with the sharks, when saving them from attack humans. Only to extreme measures of killing his opponent, the case usually comes. The dolphins just enough to surround the human flock, and sharks rapidly retire frustrated with the scene.

In the video you can see the unique footage of one such miraculous salvation of man the dolphins.

The author of the video tells how he during filming in the Bahamas saw a hammerhead shark, which was heading straight into it. Brave the operator is not frightened and continued to shoot.

Then four young dolphins with whom the operator has a chance to meet up, started to drive away evil predator from man. An eyewitness and participant of these events has no doubt that the animals realized that their actions had saved the man from being attacked.


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