How to photograph dolphins in the wildThe most important thing to remember: do not rush immediately to capture dolphins when you are near them. Dolphins are social creatures, and they are generally well configured to communicate with people. However, in their natural habitat they prefer to communicate with us on their terms.
Your shots will be much more successful if the dolphins will show to you a lively interest. After all, very few people impress pictures of dolphins swim away in panic away.

Photographing dolphins in the open sea keep in mind that the sea waves and the salty mist at any moment can hurt you and your equipment, especially if you are traveling on a small boat. So try to protect yourself and your camera from falling into the water.

When taking a picture, consider not only the speed of your ship, but the speed of movement of the dolphins. In this case, you will need to use a fairly high shutter speed camera. And the sensitivity of the film at 100 or 200 ISO will smooth out some of the graininess that can occur due to a high shutter speed. Of course, the ability to achieve a balance of these conditions comes with practice.

You will also need a wide angle lens, if you will take pictures of dolphins up close. Dolphins and their babies are quite large animals. Therefore, when the shooting lens standard angle, you’ll need a great distance to whole Dolphin entered the frame. Wide-angle lenses, in addition, provide more opportunities for transmission of sharpness and color saturation of the image.

If you are lucky, you can swim with dolphins, then of course you’ll need a waterproof camera. At the same sale now have a large selection of different options, at very affordable prices.

Just note that having a close relationship with these friendly sea creatures makes a great impression and causes a storm of positive emotions. And often even the most talented photographer begins simply flip the camera without thinking about the intricacies of professional and composition of future photos. But if you take the time to experiment with wide-angle lens, you will be able to capture a closeup of the dolphins themselves, not the background that surrounds them. Changing angles will add personality to each animal captured. Shooting a Dolphin in profile full height will help you to create an interesting image.

When photographing dolphins in the sea it is worth using the exposure meter. Dolphins usually swim close to the surface of the water, and this requires fine tuning of illumination. Using the flash when shooting dolphins also has its own characteristics.

Regardless of how close you can get close to the dolphins, the above tips will help you to create original and unusual photographs. But if you are patient and spend time on a thorough exploration of all possibilities of your camera and practise in photography prior to your voyage, you will easily be able to capture the most amazing shots with dolphins in their lives!


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